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Student Observers

Student Observations are a key component in Education programs across the country, and Campus Fun & Learn is dedicated to helping educators with this process. At CF&L, students experience the hands on learning necessary to take their education and professional goals to the next level. 

Please read and complete the following forms if you would like to do your Observation Hours at CF&L!

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Student Observation Handbook

This handbook provides useful information about curriculum and procedures for students doing their observation hours at Campus Fun & Learn.

Student Observation Availability and Guidelines

If you would like to do your hours at CF&L, please complete this form regarding your availability and email it to the Director at the email address on the first page.

Campus Fun & Learn Organizational Chart

This document lists CF&L staff, Lead Teachers and Teacher's Assistants for each room at the Center so that you can effectively communicate during your observation hours.

Student Observers: Programs
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