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Ages 18 months - 3 years old

Outdoor Play

Art and Music Development

Imaginative Play

Toddler: Programs

This is an exciting time when amazing strides are made in your child’s development. Language and other skills are at the ready, and with the right support, can flourish without limit. At this age, curiosity and a desire to try everything takes hold. Toddlers have boundless energy and are in constant motion. They want to play and then play some more. Our classroom and curriculum are designed to make the most of this energy rather than trying to hamper it. Learning takes place through the child’s spontaneous activities, guided by our professional faculty, so that through their play, art and music experiences, they build an understanding of language, math and other skills. They also learn what it is to be a friend and classmate through the direction of their teachers. Many milestones are achieved during this time, including toilet training. Our teachers will work closely with you as together we assist your child in attaining these important life skills.

Toddler: About Us

Toddler Faculty

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Pamela Smith

Teacher, Toddler 1 Room

Pam has been teaching in Early Childhood since 2001 and she has been at Campus Fun and Learn since 2008. She received both an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education and an Early Childhood Teaching Certificate at RCC. She has worked with all age groups from infants to pre-kindergarteners throughout the years, and she enjoys them all! Playing such an important role in fostering the development of each child has brought her lots of joy over the years. She is also a mother of two children who attended Campus Fun and Learn themselves. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family.


Justyna Zakrzewska

Teacher, Toddler 2 Room

Justyna Zakrzewska came to RCC having already gained a Masters degree in Economics from her home of Poland. She received both her Associates degree in Liberal Arts and her Early Childhood Certificate from RCC, and during her studies, conducted her fieldwork at Fun and Learn. Since graduating, she gained additional experience in another school as an Assistant Teacher in a toddler classroom before rejoining Fun and Learn as a faculty member. She is a 2014 recipient of the Terri Lynne Lokoff National Child Care Teacher Award. Justyna has many passions in her life, and working with children is one of them – she finds it to be a challenge and a never-ending adventure. Justyna finds Campus Fun and Learn to be a warm and nurturing environment. It is a high quality childcare center, with respect for the individual needs of every child. She likes that the faculty is so highly trained and educated to support children’s development and to provide a developmentally-appropriate learning experience. She is proud to work at Fun and Learn – she believes we are one of the best childcare centers in the country! Outside of work, Justyna enjoys time with friends, movies, reading, and outdoor activities.

Toddler: Our Team

Hannah Matott

Teaching Assistant
Toddler 1 Room

Maya Chambliss

Teaching Assistant
Toddler 1 Room

Maritza Bati

Teaching Assistant 
Toddler 1 Room/ Preschool Room

Toddler: List

Kharla ​Chatelain

 Teaching Assistant
Toddler 2 Room

Sarah ​Goldman

Teaching Assistant 
Toddler 2 Room

Jimena ​Lozano

Teaching Assistant 
Toddler 2 Room

Toddler: List

Childcare subsidies are available for RCC student-parents who are taking classes online or in person!

For more information or to schedule a tour,
please contact us at 845-574-4561.

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