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Red Head Baby


Ages 6 weeks - 18 months old

Needs Met "On Demand"

Develop Movement

Promote Exploration

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This is where a child’s education begins. In our classroom the children explore and learn throughout our daily routines. Our goal is to guide, protect and nurture each child as he or she grows. This way, trust is built, which is essential in order for a baby to be successful in the journey through development. All of the babies’ needs are met “on demand”. When a baby is sleepy, he sleeps, when he’s hungry, he eats, and when he is ready to play, he plays. An adult is always present and ready to ensure that all of this can happen when it needs to happen. This is an exciting time of growth, when the child learns to sit up, to crawl, to stand, to walk, and begins to talk. Our room is equipped to enable all of this to happen, with room for all kinds of movement and exploration. If a child is tired and ready to rest, there is always someone ready to hold and comfort, and a quiet spot to sleep. There are always at least two if not three faculty members in the room at a time.

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Infant Faculty

Infant: Our Team

Donna Dorvil

Teacher, Infant Room

Donna Dorvil has worked in the childcare field for about ten years and received her Child Development Associate. She is currently furthering her education towards an Associate’s Degree. She has worked with all age groups in a variety of roles, so she has gained a wealth of experience that the babies here are benefiting from. Donna works with children because she loves them and because it makes her feel good inside knowing that she plays a role in their education and lives. She works at Campus Fun and Learn because it’s a wonderful place, and because she feels that she is gaining insight and experience. To relax, Donna enjoys spending time with her family and outdoor activities.

Tiana Culler

Teaching Assistant
Infant Room

Marylis Rosario

Teaching Assistant 
Infant Room

Tamar Bordenave

Teaching Assistant
Infant Room

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Childcare subsidies are available for RCC student-parents who are taking classes online or in person!

For more information or to schedule a tour,
please contact us at 845-574-4561.

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