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Ages 4 - 5 years old

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Imaginative Play

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Prekindergarten: About Us

This is an exciting year for children, the year before Kindergarten. They are learning more about themselves, their own unlimited potential and how exciting the world around them can be. Our teachers want the children to feel safe and secure, knowing that adults are there to support them. We give the children opportunities to explore, to navigate, to solve problems and to ask questions. We help them learn who they are and that what they think, say and do are valued. They also learn how to make friends and build social skills. Our goal is that they enter Kindergarten loving themselves, loving school and trusting the fact that they can do anything! Through a child-friendly and hands-on curriculum, we prepare the children with the necessary knowledge and skills for Kindergarten. Children learn by moving, touching, manipulating and exploring. We provide materials and time, and we provide an adult to child ratio (at least three adults in the room at all times) that ensures that our teaching faculty is focused on individual children’s strengths and needs so that each child is able to learn as his or her own pace. The children have the opportunity to learn how to make decisions, engage in critical thinking and to learn how to identify and solve problems – skills that will enable them to be high-level thinkers and learners throughout life.

Prekindergarten Faculty

Prekindergarten: Our Team
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Pam Smith

Teacher, Prekindergarten Room

Pam has been teaching in Early Childhood since 2001 and she has been at Campus Fun and Learn since 2008. She received both an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education and an Early Childhood Teaching Certificate at RCC. She has worked with all age groups from infants to pre-kindergarteners throughout the years, and she enjoys them all! Playing such an important role in fostering the development of each child has brought her lots of joy over the years. She is also a mother of two children who attended Campus Fun and Learn themselves. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Tray Norfleet

Teaching Assistant
Prekindergarten Room

Jesira Oyola

Teaching Assistant
Prekindergarten Room

Makayla Scully

Teaching Assistant 
Prekindergarten Room

Prekindergarten: List

Childcare subsidies are available for RCC student-parents who are taking classes online or in person!

For more information or to schedule a tour,
please contact us at 845-574-4561.

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