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Our Mission

Real Learning. Real Fun.

Campus Fun and Learn is an innovative early childhood center, open to the public and conveniently located on the campus of Rockland Community College. We base our curriculum on the most current brain development research on how young children learn. We take particular pride in providing unique and meaningful learning opportunities for children and their families.

About Us: Our Mission
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About Campus Fun and Learn
Child Development Center

What We Do

Campus Fun and Learn provides high-quality early childhood education to the children of RCC students and staff, as well as community members from all over Rockland County and the surrounding area. What makes us unique is that Campus Fun and Learn is also a laboratory school which serves as a learning environment for college students enrolled in Teacher Education programs at Rockland Community College and the area’s four year colleges. These students engage in activities with the children under the supervision of highly qualified teachers in a model early childhood program. We encourage our children to become life-long learners by modeling this approach and attitude within our program.

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Our curriculum is based on understanding the Whole Child. We look at five areas of development as we plan experiences:

  • the Physical Child who is growing and learning to move

  • the Intellectual Child who is learning about the world

  • the Social Child who is learning to have relationships and work with others

  • the Creative Child who is learning self-expression

  • the Emotional Child who is developing self-esteem and self-concept

None of these areas is more important than the other; focus on all of them is necessary to ensure that each child fulfils his or her potential. The creativity of a child is often overlooked in terms of a quality education. Here at Campus Fun and Learn, we consider it an important aspect of our program. For many children, creativity not only provides them with a sense of self-esteem and accomplishment, but can also serve as the foundation for growth in all developmental areas.

Children should be actively engaged in experiences that are meaningful as they explore the world with their senses. At Campus Fun and Learn we use a hands-on, multi-sensory approach when teaching. Children learn through discovery and play and it is our responsibly as educators to provide them with the tools and guidance to make the most of these experiences. Planned lessons are valuable, but the teachers at Campus Fun and Learn also create lessons as teachable moments arise. Children should be a part of guiding the curriculum as their interests and personalities intertwine with each lesson and play experience. Our goal is to recognize and foster each child’s unique qualities, interests, and individual learning styles while creating an environment that allows them to be free to explore and investigate their surroundings.

Campus Fun and Learn believes that our natural environment is one of the most powerful and important extensions of the classroom. After leaving us here, most children will spend the next 13 or more years in a classroom for the majority of their day. We pride ourselves in allowing our children this time during these pivotal years to learn to love, appreciate and investigate all that the great outdoors has to offer. Our Sensory Garden and Outdoor Classroom is a special area that permits the children to explore nature through sensory and discovery experiences. This very special outdoor learning environment will create a lifetime worth of meaningful experiences for generations to come.

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Theresa Morahan Simmons Memorial

Theresa Morahan Simmons was a person who had found exactly what she was to be in life – a first grade teacher at Richard P. Connor Elementary School in Suffern, NY. During her seven years at the school, she was known for her dedication, creativity and compassion toward her students as well as her leadership and advocacy in the Ramapo Teachers Association. She loved and was devoted to her work and in turn was dearly loved by her students and colleagues. Sadly, in May of 2008 Theresa, the wife of Steven Simmons, and the daughter of Helen and the late Senator Thomas Morahan, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 28. We are honored that our program is located in a building named for this wonderful teacher, whose name we hope to honor through our work with the children and families of Rockland County.

About Us: Our Mission

Childcare subsidies are available for RCC student-parents who are taking classes online or in person!

For more information or to schedule a tour,
please contact us at 845-574-4561.

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