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Campus Fun and Learn 

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About Campus Fun and Learn

Campus Fun and Learn provides high-quality early childhood education to the children of RCC students and staff, as well as community members from all over Rockland County and the surrounding area. What makes us unique is that the Center is also a laboratory school which serves as a learning environment for college students enrolled in Teacher Education programs at Rockland Community College and the area’s four year colleges. These students engage in activities with the children under the supervision of highly qualified teachers in a model early childhood program. We encourage our children to become life-long learners by modeling this approach and attitude within our program.

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Our Educational Programs

School tours are Tuesdays from 9:00am-12:00pm. Please call us at 845-574-4561 to schedule a visit!
Please note that we will try to accommodate your schedule if Tuesdays do not work, but we do not accept drop-ins for tours. All tours must be scheduled.

Toddler Playing


6 weeks - 18 months old

This is where a child’s education begins. In our classroom the children explore and learn throughout our daily routines. Our goal is to guide, protect and nurture each child as he or she grows. This way, trust is built, which is essential in order for a baby to be successful in the journey through development. All of the babies’ needs are met “on demand”. When a baby is sleepy, he sleeps, when he’s hungry, he eats, and when he is ready to play, he plays.


18 months - 3 years old

This is an exciting time when amazing strides are made in your child’s development. Language and other skills are at the ready, and with the right support, can flourish without limit. At this age, curiosity and a desire to try everything takes hold. Toddlers have boundless energy and are in constant motion. They want to play and then play some more. Our classroom and curriculum are designed to make the most of this energy rather than trying to hamper it.

Kids in Preschool
Art Class Girl


3 - 4 years old

For many children, entering our Preschool classroom is their first school experience. The child’s happiness and sense of security in the classroom is our top priority. As the children become familiar with the teachers, the classroom, and their surroundings…all else falls into place. They learn socialization skills, which enable them to make new friends, to be good friends, and to express themselves.


4 - 5 years old

This is an exciting year for children, the year before Kindergarten. They are learning more about themselves, their own unlimited potential and how exciting the world around them can be. Our teachers want the children to feel safe and secure, knowing that adults are there to support them. We give the children opportunities to explore, to navigate, to solve problems and to ask questions. We help them learn who they are and that what they think, say and do are valued. They also learn how to make friends and build social skills.

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Parent Testimonials

Home: Testimonials

This is just a reminder of how grateful I am to you and the staff for all you have done for me and my children. The fact that each and every person that took care of Aiden did so with such care and understanding….amazed me! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Marilyn – Mother of an Infant and Prekindergartener

Childcare subsidies are available for RCC student-parents who are taking classes online or in person!

For more information or to schedule a tour,
please contact us at 845-574-4561.

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