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Employment Application

Lead Teacher

Campus Fun and Learn is looking for a Lead Teacher with strong knowledge of early childhood development, who is able to implement curriculum teaching strategies and assessment methods that support NAEYC standards.  The lead teacher should be able to implement positive guidance strategies with strong organizational skills.

Lead Teacher’s Responsibilities:

  • Child Development

    • The primary responsibility of the Lead Teacher shall focus on implementing a comprehensive, early childhood development classroom as required by the NAEYC standards and OCFS guidelines.

    • Maintains daily organization of developmentally appropriate learning by assisting to implement approved weekly written curriculum plans, preparing the space, collecting the materials

    • setting up a variety of learning centers for daily active child participation.

    • Individualizes the learning environment by demonstrating knowledge of the uniqueness of each child as evidenced in the maintaining of a folder documenting the child’s progress.  To be included in the folder will be monthly anecdotal records and developmental checklist entries, samples of the child’s work, and photographs of the child at work and play.  The folders will be shared with parents periodically, and will be used to personalize the curriculum. 

    • Observes each child daily for signs of: illness, neglect, abuse or problematic changes of behavior, reporting observations to the center Director.  Participates in the referral/or family support process as needed.

    • Maintains a safe, orderly, and predictable learning environment: reinforcing a consistent sequence of daily activities, participating in daily clean- up activities, ordering of supplies, modeling positive guidance and prosocial problem-solving techniques, carefully supervising and redirecting appropriate behaviors of staff and children, both indoors and outside. 

    • Teachers will create a monthly newsletter

  • Collaboration

    • Plans cooperatively with the Director, Assistant Director and staff to organize and implement the daily program for children in accordance with the policies and philosophy of the childcare center. 

    • Maintain a comprehensive and ongoing portfolio assessment for each child, including weekly observations in each area, examples of the child's work, and a developmental assessment

    • Exhibits a professional cooperative behavior with all staff and assumes responsibility of guiding the work of college work study teacher aides, practicum students, volunteers, and contributing to written/oral evaluations as requested by the Director.

    • Will use planning time (given when possible) to conduct planning and preparation of above learning activities.  Will also use this time to document experiences in the hallway for parents and create weekly photography folders of children to be used for social media updates.

  • Communication

    • Assumes responsibility by communicating appropriately and in a positive manner with all staff in the program. Collaborate as a team in the implementation of curriculum, daily responsibilities and also share ideas about classroom/Center and child development. 

    • Assists in the planning and actively participates in all parent/child orientation meetings and individual parent conferences as requested by the Director.

    • Shares and reinforces health, safety, and educational policies with all parents consistently. 

    • Cooperatively assumes responsibilities for support staff, children and the center in the Director and Assistant Director’s absence.

  • Human Resources

    • Annually documents personal goals for professional growth and completes a yearly self-evaluation.

    • Meets yearly training requirements as outlined by OCFS.

   Position Qualifications:

  • Higher Education Degree or CDA.

  • More education and experience may be required or preferred.

  • Must be at least 18yrs of age

  • Additional licenses, certifications, or training may be beneficial or required.

  • Medical statement and TB Test required

  • Must pass a fingerprint clearance and the ability to pass a background check (will provide information)


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Lead Teacher Application: Job Application
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